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Company Overview

Founded in 1984 as a professional designer and manufacturer of pc peripherals, Ione Technology distributes keyboards; mice; presenters; headphones; webcams and remote controllers under its own ione® brand and provides OEM and ODM services to world’s leading businesses. Our industry know-how, creative design, efficient process, demanding QC and competitive pricing have earned countless praises around the globe.

Corporate headquarter is established in Taipei, Taiwan.

The global marketing and sales network is formed by locations in Taiwan, USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, China, resulting in annual revenues in excess of 20million USD.

Research and development

Ione Technology devotes to R&D at its fullest. The team constantly monitors and track new technologies and new features in the ever changing industry. With powerful and professional integration capability, the team combines the latest technologies to current market trends and implements them to the companies own Ione design and OEM/ODM businesses.

Manufacturing Facility

To utilize centralized management and to reduce production cost effectively, Ione Technology has set up 12.000mÂ?, 650 manpower production center in Dongguan, a strategic location of trade in China.


Manufacturing Capacity

  1. Wireless Presenters: 100K/month
  2. Mouses: 500K/month
  3. Keyboards: 300K/month
  4. Webcams: 50K/month
  5. Remote Control: 50K/month

Business Segmentation

  1. ODM 25%                        
  2. System Integrator 15%
  3. Private Label 25%
  4. ione®Label 25%
  5. ione®Brand 35%

Market Segmentation

  1.  1. 30% in USA
  2.  2. 35% in Europe
  3.  3. 20% in Asia
  4.  4. 10% in China
  5.  5. 5% Others